Print Flush 1.3

Fix your printer with this small utility!

Has your printer quit working? Did you try to cancel a job and it broke the printer completely? I always do that. And the method to fix it usually involves rebooting, restarting the print spooler, trashing junk print files, and sometimes even more. Not anymore.

“My printer stopped working in January – and anytime I needed to print something I had to drive to the UPS store… but Print Flush worked – this sounds like a cheezy commercial but thanks.” (Tamara, September 2007)

Introducing my lean-and-mean print spooler cleaner! It’s a simple batch file that takes all the steps necessary to unjam a printer queue and puts them at a double-click of the mouse.

Print Flush has a simple function: clean the print spool. If your printer’s driver is incorrectly installed, Print Flush cannot help you. If you have used your printer before and it worked fine then, but it doesn’t now, Print Flush can probably help you.

It will work with Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8!

Download Print Flush 1.3


  1. Save somewhere where you can find it.
  2. If you downloaded the zipped version… Unzip the file to the desktop or something
  3. Based on your operating system…
    1. Windows XP and before can simply double click to run Print Flush
    2. Windows Vista, 7, 8 users: right click and “Run As Administrator”
  4. Try printing again!

Did Print Flush work well for you?

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8 thoughts on “Print Flush 1.3”

  1. Great Tool!!!.After many hours of troubleshooting this one is the perfect solution.I am truly grateful to the author for providing the solution to printing problem…..Cheers.

  2. Thank you and thank you again, I really need this software because the printer spooler and sometime driver problem is very annoying, I hope this program will help me alot.

    1. Unbelievable! It took all of about 30 seconds for download and run to fix the spooler error I have been trying to solve for the past two weeks. I was about to buy a new printer cable to see if that would solve my problem. My computer couldn’t even see the printer that it had been connected to for the last two years. It was like I turned into a techno geek! Thanks for a great product, fix, patch or whatever you call it.

      John M.
      Labadie, MO

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