Are you representing a brand on Twitter? Read this.

Before you hire someone to run your Twitter account, they should be checked for basic Twitter competency before you hand over the keys to your brand.  Here are some things any Twitter brand pro needs to know. 1. The dot-mention Starting a tweet with a username pretty well guarantees that it won’t be seen by anyone […]

I’d better not see that on Facebook.

I’d better not see that on Facebook. Here’s a quote you hear after every camera flash at every party you ever go to.  Or people milling about reminding people to not tag them in photos. And why is that, exactly?  So their Mom won’t see?  So that potential employers won’t see what an animal they are?  (employers […]

#precipitate: Watching Twitter Aggregate The World’s Pulse

alternate title: My Love Letter To Twitter This should be no secret to anyone: Twitter is my favorite social network. Twitter has earned my respect because the social network is impressive. Facebook and Twitter have the unique position of receiving a majority of the world’s thoughts, emotions and input on the world’s events and the pulse […]

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