Why Is Bitcoin Valuable?

Bitcoin.  It’s everywhere in the news.  It was 2013’s best investment, and it’s taking the world by storm. So why is it a big deal?  And why does it have value?  Well, this is my attempt of explaining one of the fundamental facets of currency: a proof of work. Disclaimer: I am no economist.  There are other […]

jQuery Goodies!

I started a new GitHub repo to fill with jQuery utilities and behaviors. The initial commit is filled with viewport sizing utilities.  The utilities make it easy to use viewport-relative sizing in situations where browsers do not support VW and VH. Something that I use a lot is the Letterboxing module.  Simply by adding .jq-letterbox, you can […]

The Developer’s New Struggle: Data Caps

These past 10 years have hosted a huge evolution in our data distribution technology. Since 2000, we’ve watched household broadband speeds move from about 0.5 mbps to somewhere around 20 mbps on average. This is awesome. We have new LTE networks that are capable of pushing around 50 mbps over the air. Please note: this is […]

Increase PHP’s upload capacity

Handy piece of code I use all the time when set up WordPress installation. Change the 30M to whatever you want. 2048M is good for 2 gigabytes.

via Can’t get past the 2MB upload limit with .htaccess or php.ini drupal.org.

Freebie: Handy VBscript Nonce Script

Here’s a handy snippet to help you keep your VBscript forms secure. (If you’re ever using vbscript for any reason)

And then, somewhere in your form, include

And then in your form processor file

Make Twitter Tools respect your Tweets

Twitter Tools is defacto Twitter-WordPress integration software, but it has one glitch that is easy to fix: tweet posts are formatted so horribly, it’s criminal. By default Twitter Tools places the full text of a Tweet in post_content, and an abbreviated, ugly version of the tweet in post_title.  This is fine, because there are (usually, depending […]

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