[confused subject line here]

Here is an email template that will work in 100% of business contexts.  I hereby release it into the public domain. [contrived greeting here], [brief synopsis of confusion here]. [assignment of blame here]. [statement beginning with “my understanding was…” Here]. [exhaustive elaboration of misunderstanding here] [finer points of misunderstanding here] [complete sentence disguised as a bullet point here] [passive […]

I’d better not see that on Facebook.

I’d better not see that on Facebook. Here’s a quote you hear after every camera flash at every party you ever go to.  Or people milling about reminding people to not tag them in photos. And why is that, exactly?  So their Mom won’t see?  So that potential employers won’t see what an animal they are?  (employers […]

Pick up the slack, Beats by Dre.

I’ve never condoned the purchase of Beats by Dre before.  And I never will. But, I do own a pair.  I received them as a gift.  I was taken aback to receive a $200 pair of Beats headphones as a gift, but that’s neither here nor there. Beats by Dre headphones are a well-marketed and incredibly mediocre […]

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