Thai Peanut Pasta

This quick recipe is tangy, spicy, and good as a hot meal or served cold as a salad.  As a meal, serves two.  As a side-dish, serves four. Ingredients 8 ounces of bite-size pasta (Rotini, Penne, Bowtie, etc) 1/2 lime (keep other half for peanut sauce) Grated parmesan Basil Cilantro Fresh-ground black pepper Thai Peanut Sauce […]

Speed up your routine: SMOOTHIE CUBES

I’ve done a lot of work engineering my morning nutrition to be easy and fast.  One of my particular innovations is borrowed from the people that freeze their fresh herbs in ice or oil. I got sick of guessing how much spinach I was putting into my smoothies (it doesn’t measure well, and I don’t want […]

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