Sustainable Styles: An Object-Oriented twist on BEM

I have been working in the web for a long time, and I have worked full-time professionally at UL for almost 5 years.  In that time, I’ve learned a lot about how developers perceive CSS, and why so many projects are absolutely littered with novice-level CSS. BEM was introduced a few years ago to deal with […]

A thorough aggregation of my thoughts on the gun-control debate

While we’re between mass shootings, I thought my fellow Americans might like to be riled up about gun rights and gun control.  Here we go… Gun violence in the United States is a problem that needs a solution.  Unfortunately, a number of powerful forces have found a way to keep literally any effort to address gun […]

Hit the ground running: Scala, and the future of functional

You may have heard about Scala.  This language is taking the big data world by storm.  If you’re an object-oriented/procedural programmer, this post will show you how to adapt the concepts you already know into Scala’s lightweight functional syntax. Here are some of the highlights of Scala Optionally functional, optionally object-oriented Runs on the JVM (so […]

Creating an Invisible Application: Adding email as an interface for an application

This post is designed to serve as a brief technical overview of a recent feature added to ServiceSpark, a community service management platform I develop as a volunteer for the United Way of Albany County. ServiceSpark uses email to send email notifications to volunteers about new events and new comments on events that the volunteer is […]

[confused subject line here]

Here is an email template that will work in 100% of business contexts.  I hereby release it into the public domain. [contrived greeting here], [brief synopsis of confusion here]. [assignment of blame here]. [statement beginning with “my understanding was…” Here]. [exhaustive elaboration of misunderstanding here] [finer points of misunderstanding here] [complete sentence disguised as a bullet point here] [passive […]

Recent security changes on and a new WordPress plugin

Here is a small enumeration of the ways that I’ve improved security at Full-time HTTPS is available for all domains.  My certificates are signed by DigiCert. HTTP Strict Transport Security is enabled.  For compatible browsers (Firefox, Chrome), they should flatly refuse to communicate with unless HTTPS is available.  This affects all subdomains. […]

Using the SharePoint Social Comment Web Part

This issue has been miserably annoying to me, and I have spent a long time figuring out how to appropriately utilize the SharePoint Social Comment Web Part. Here’s how to do it. I know this works with SharePoint 2010.  This might work in SharePoint 2013… 1. To your web part project add a reference to the Microsoft.Sharepoint.Portal namespace.  […]

Are you representing a brand on Twitter? Read this.

Before you hire someone to run your Twitter account, they should be checked for basic Twitter competency before you hand over the keys to your brand.  Here are some things any Twitter brand pro needs to know. 1. The dot-mention Starting a tweet with a username pretty well guarantees that it won’t be seen by anyone […]

Wildcard SSL Certificates