[confused subject line here]

Here is an email template that will work in 100% of business contexts.  I hereby release it into the public domain.

[contrived greeting here],

[brief synopsis of confusion here]. [assignment of blame here]. [statement beginning with “my understanding was…” Here].

[exhaustive elaboration of misunderstanding here]

  • [finer points of misunderstanding here]
  • [complete sentence disguised as a bullet point here]

[passive aggressive threat to involve a manager here.]

[request to set up a meeting and clarify here]. [mandatory expression of gratitude here].

[expression of sincerity here],

[first name here] [last name here]
[company name here]

[team location here]

[continued email thread here]

One reply on “[confused subject line here]”

[dismissive comment completely missing the point here]

[derisive simile for original poster’s intelligence here]

[passive-aggressive “apology” for previous paragraph that “subtly” adds to insult here]

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