Hi! I’m Brad!

I’m an award-winning software developer from Laramie, Wyoming.

Month: April 2015

  • [confused subject line here]

    Here is an email template that will work in 100% of business contexts.  I hereby release it into the public domain.

    [contrived greeting here],

    [brief synopsis of confusion here]. [assignment of blame here]. [statement beginning with “my understanding was…” Here].

    [exhaustive elaboration of misunderstanding here]

    • [finer points of misunderstanding here]
    • [complete sentence disguised as a bullet point here]

    [passive aggressive threat to involve a manager here.]

    [request to set up a meeting and clarify here]. [mandatory expression of gratitude here].

    [expression of sincerity here],

    [first name here] [last name here]
    [company name here]

    [team location here]

    [continued email thread here]