Free WordPress Theme! Introducing Civique.

I’ve been working on a WordPress theme lately.  It’s a theme designed for non-profit organizations, but it could work well for almost any organization.

It is MIT Licensed (compliant with GPLv2).

It has full support for…

  • Theme Customization
    • Header color
    • Logo (keep it under 75 px tall)
  • Header Images
  • Post Thumbnails
  • Attachment alignment
  • Menus
  • Sidebars

It includes other goodies, too…

  • Non-profit Summary Shortcode
    A shortcode that uses the ProPublica Nonprofit API to generate a page of information about your 501(c)(3) organization, including summaries of non-profit financial activity.  Insert the shortcode `[civique_summary]` to display the non-profit rundown.
  • Fundraiser Progress Widget
    Add the Civique Fundraiser Widget to your sidebar to easily show progress on one or many fundraisers.  Add as many fundraisers as you need.  They will show a progress bar, and a link to an online donation page, if you include it.

It is an open-source project hosted by the United Way of Albany County.

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  1. […] Did various WordPress explorations and tutorial videos… I am SO EXCITED to really start playing with it more! What a fun and amazing website creation tool. I also found a theme upon which I will be basing the United Way’s site… “Civique.” […]

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