About This Site

I’ve had bradkovach.com since I was 13 years old.  It has been a constant project for me, and a place to learn, publish and experiment.

The website is built on WordPress, hosted on Hostrocket.

Network with me

I’m on Twitter, I’m on Facebook.

Where’s the WWW?

WWW is a relic of internet days gone by.  It is not necessary for a website to function, and as such, I do not use it.  You are welcome to type the “www,” but you will be redirected to http://bradkovach.com

Nice site, but is it mobile?

Absolutely.  I use the Twenty Eleven theme for WordPress, which is built to be responsive.  Go ahead, resize your browser, or load this up on your phone.  The content should look great on your device.

Can I email you?

Why not? moc.liamg@hcavokdarb

One thought on “About This Site”

  1. Hi Brad, I thought you were the answer to my print spooler error problems but it seems I cannot download the printflush your site recommends. Is it no longer available to download?

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